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I regret to inform you that the Adamant Ditto forum will be closed until further notice. This place never got that much traffic, even from the Adamant Ditto crew. So, it was about time. Message boards in general have been an outdated form of social interaction for probably over a decade now. There are better ways to engage in talks with Adamant Ditto or fellow viewers through twitter or facebook.

Most of you visitors only really used the shoutbox. I have good news, there's now a better place for you to leave messages. Come hang out in our Discord chat:

Discord pretty much has replaced the forum.

Thank you for at least checking in! Feel free to contact us on on twitter: @NinjaGuyDon, @ImpishMATT, @ScrambledMeta, @JoshR691, @Rogultgot, @stymiedthoughts, @Quiet_JESS
- Don
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